Houston Online Marketing: Earning Credible Links Essential to Good SEO

Before Google’s recent algorithm updates, many online marketers tried to get around the search engine’s ranking process through practices like keyword stuffing and questionable link building. Regular updates of the algorithm have wiped out or de-ranked websites practicing bad SEO, including those who built low-quality or spammy links.


Google’s John Mueller has recently warned against the risks of link building, in reference to possible penalties a website could incur through improper link building. Algorithm updates like the Google Penguin were specifically developed to provide online users with more quality results by evaluating websites and their pages for their overall content, including links. Duplicate and dubious links could warrant penalties that would be difficult to get out of.

With hundreds of websites getting penalized by Google’s updates, many have concluded that the link-building strategy has become irrelevant. SEO experts, however, believe differently. After all, Google matches search queries, so dismissing links from your website could spell a huge loss in SEO opportunities.  Links could only harm websites if they rely on tactics that lead to spammy results, and if the content is of poor quality.

To avoid the pitfalls of questionable link building, local businesses would do well to work with an experienced Houston online marketing company like Zkazi Network, who knows the best practices to create links safely and effectively. For instance, earning links, rather than producing them, will boost a website’s integrity and authority, giving it better chances of landing on the top ranks of Google’s search results pages.

To achieve this, high-quality content that is shareable in all platforms and will capture the interests of users is key. Content marketing will benefit both a business and internet users, as it will allow people to learn new things about the business’ industry while promoting the company’s brand.

It is not easy to generate quality content, however, and this where professional online marketers come in. An expert in content marketing in Houston will help a business develop quality content that would have better chances of acquiring authoritative links and the attention of the market. These online marketing experts recognize the challenges that have been presented by Google’s algorithm updates, and are equipped to meet these head-on. Consistently dishing out quality content that establishes a business’ authority in the industry is a time-consuming task that could take up much of a company’s resources, and as such, is better left in the hands of experts.

(Source: What’s The State of Link Building For SEO in 2015 & beyond? Searchengineland.com)

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